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  • International Credit Reports
  • Debt Collection - International
  • Anti Money Laundering Services
  • PAK–CHINA Investment Boutique

International Credit Reports

The importance of seeking Credit reports on a counter party can hardly be over emphasized to a prudent banker. Credit checks are a global norm and one of the major tools for any effective risk management system.


Bankers need a credit report to manage their risks judiciously and assure themselves of their due rewards


Facilitating international trade is a profitable business for the banks


A credit report coming from a reliable and experienced source containing updated information on the counter-party


Perhaps immediately. Certainly not after exposing himself to the risk. Therefore, time is of the essence.

Debt Collection - International

Collection of past due debts directly adds to the bottom line. Paradoxically, it appears that banks are hesitant to outsource such collection. This is not without reason. There is infact a dearth of reliable world class debt collection partners available to banks. IFI's services bridge this gap.


Providing regular solvency information on counter parties. Monitoring and following up payments on an agreed repayment schedule


Collection / Recovery with or without legal recourse


Global Debt Collection Services* are provided in association with renowned associates who possess adequate experience of this business stretching over many decades


Buying Accounts Receivable and Buying Overdue Accounts

Anti Money Laundering Services - AMLS

In today's ever shrinking world, the importance of Know Your Customer - KYC cannot be overemphasized.Institutional regulators worldwide have set high standards in respect of Risk Management, focusing particularlyon Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Funding to Terrorists (CFT) practices in banks.


Banks are required to follow regulations related to AML and CFT. These include State Bank of Pakistan - Directives / Prudential Regulations

EU – Directives

EU requiring extended due diligence measures Banks are subject to higher international monitoring and controls and non compliance to these regulations attract very high penalties.


Reviewing the customer relationships established and activities in the accounts in line with the SBP Prudential Regulations. Development of integrated software to enhance banks' capacity in monitoring account relationships


IFI is a related organization of ACAMS – The Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists organization, USA. This organization serves as the platform for career development and professional networkingfor individuals operating in the rapidly expanding AML field

PAK – CHINA Investment Boutique

China–Pakistan Economic Corridor - CPEC, a game changer at a cost of $ 51 billion, intend to rapidly expand and upgrade Pakistani infrastructure as well as deepen and broaden economic links between Pakistan and China. The corridor is considered to be a part / extension of China's ambitious One Belt - One Road initiative, and the importance of CPEC to China is reflected by its inclusion as part of China's 13th five-year development plan. The influx of Chinese companies in Pakistan has propelled us to formulate the following business model. According to unofficial figures to-date there are more than 200 Chinese companies working in Punjab alone.

Business Model

Facilitation across the board to improve the quality of life and assist the stakeholders and the communities we operate in.Quality products / services by carving a niche in the countries we serveExcellence in services offered with integrity and highest degree of professional and ethical standards

Specialized Services

1. Pak – China Investments
2. Business Services
3. Engineering / Contract Facilitation
4. Operational Facilitation
5. One Stop Shop Solutions

Strengths of Existing Sponsors

a. More than 30 years multidimensional private business experience in China and Pakistan.
b. Close relationships with top ranking businesses and chambers in China and Pakistan.
c. Close relationships with government offices in China.
d. Team consists of chartered accountants, MBAs and Phds.
e. Immense business, financial advisory and industry management experience in China, Pakistan, UAE and USA.


- The strengths of the existing sponsors working on the above business model, this proposition can be a ‘game changer’ in the local / Chinese market. - Trend setter - Limited chance for new competition as it will be hard to find this kind of synergy between Chinese and Pakistani partners.- The success of this model will attract multiple new opportunities.