“After years of flat direct foreign investment, it has taken China’s pledges of billions to get overseas companies to start looking beyond Pakistan’s negative headlines on security challenges and power outages.” – Bloomberg 2016/11/07


Moment for Pakistan to be Among Top Emerging Economies: IMF’s Lagarde

China–Pakistan Economic Corridor – CPEC, a game changer at a cost of $ 51 billion, intend to rapidly expand and upgrade Pakistani infrastructure as well as deepen and broaden economic links between Pakistan and China. The corridor is considered to be a part / extension of China’s ambitious One Belt – One Road initiative, and the importance of CPEC to China is reflected by its inclusion as part of China’s 13th five-year development plan.

The influx of Chinese companies in Pakistan has propelled us to formulate the following business model. According to unofficial figures to-date there are more than 200 Chinese companies working in Punjab alone.


Business Model
Mission Statement
Facilitation across the board to improve the quality of life and assist the stakeholders and the communities we operate in.

Quality products / services by carving a niche in the countries we serve

Excellence in services offered with integrity and highest degree of professional and ethical standards


About us

Our journey from a small financial boutique to a multinational organization could not have been possible without the persistence and hard work of our sponsors. Over 100 years of combined experience of our sponsors have enabled us to be among the front runners in the financial community service providers.

The specialized services / products offered by us are tailor made for our target market / clientele. The multinational exposure gives us the expertise and resources to serve our customers / stakeholders better. Our professional approach is evident from the fact of having nurtured long term relationships with our stakeholders / partners.

We strongly believe in “credibility” & “reliability”

Specialized Services:
1. Pak – China Investments
2. Business Services
3. Engineering / Contract Facilitation
4. Operational Facilitation
5. One Stop Shop Solutions



Establishment of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was first proposed by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during his visit to Pakistan in May 2013. The proposed project of linking Kashgar in northwest China with Gwadar Port on Arabian Sea coastline in Baluchistan was approved on July 5, 2013 during the visit of PM Nawaz Sharif to Beijing, which included construction of 200 km long tunnel.
Pakistan’s Expected Gains;

a. CPEC has opened a vista of great opportunities for Pakistan and will greatly help in overcoming poverty, unemployment, inequities of smaller provinces and help Pakistan in becoming the next Asian tiger.

b. CPEC from all counts will prove a game changer and will make China a real stakeholder in Pakistan’s stability and security. It is a win-win situation for both. It will greatly expand the scope for the sustainable and stable development of Pakistan as well as that of China’s economic development.

c. Investments by China will boost Pakistan’s $274 billion GDP by over 15 %.

d. Given the solid foundations of friendship at the people-to-people level between China and Pakistan, Chinese influence in Pakistan is destined to endure the test of time.

e. Pakistan seems to have found a saviour in China, which has stood by the country in its dark hour. Once Pak-China connectivity strike roots, Pakistan’s geo-strategic security interests whenever threatened will be even better guarded by China.

f. The success of the Sino-Pak partnership is critically linked to the success of stabilization of the Afghan situation. China and Pakistan have a shared interest in the stabilization of Afghanistan, because the main threat to the realization of the “Belt and Road” projects in Pakistan come from the terrorist groups operating out of the Af-Pak region.

g. Pakistan is far more comfortable with China as a facilitator of the Afghan peace talks than it is with the US, whose intentions are highly suspect.

h. China’s investment in Pakistan has conveyed a big message to the other South Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal to hurry and climb on board the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative” to derive growth benefits.

i. Pakistan’s gravitation in the direction of China and Russia at this juncture underscores a strategic realignment in the making.

j. China is also uniquely placed to pull the key regional states – Russia, Iran, Central Asian states to its side.


Strengths of Existing Sponsors

Chinese Counterpart, One of the main sponsors is of Chinese origin – Mr. Li Yimin;

a. A graduate of one of the top business schools in China.
b. More than 20 years multidimensional private business experience in China and Pakistan.
c. Owns and operates textile spinning and ginning units in Pakistan.
d. Operating trading and research offices in China and Pakistan.
e. Running a Chinese social club in Lahore, Pakistan. Almost all the Chinese in the town visit this club regularly; the members of the club are more than 500 and growing.
f. Enjoys good relationships with Chinese diplomats.
g. Close contacts with Chinese organizations in Pakistan.
h. Close relationships with top ranking businesses and chambers in China.
i. Close relationships with government offices in China.
j. Brand ambassador for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Economic Zones Development and Management Company (PKEZDMC) designated by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
k. According to Chinese ambassador in Pakistan, the sponsor is a “Role Model Chinese Business Man in Pakistan”.

Pakistani Counterpart, bring the following at the table

a. Team consists of chartered accountants, MBAs and Phds.
b. Immense business, financial advisory and industry management experience in Pakistan, UAE and USA.
c. A decade plus experienced financial business consultancy firm in Pakistan
d. Have sound working relationship with all the banks as clients.
e. In depth knowledge of the industry segments and networking with all industry financial professionals and leaders.
f. Personal connections with federal and provincial political elite.
g. Already serving different industry clients and segments.


– The strengths of the existing sponsors working on the above business model, this proposition can be a ‘game changer’ in the local / Chinese market.
– Trend setter
– Limited chance for new competition as it will be hard to find this kind of synergy between Chinese and Pakistani partners.
– The success of this model will attract multiple new opportunities.