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International Credit Reports ICR

The Importance of seeking credit reports on a counter trade party can hardly be overemphasized to a prudent banker. Credit checks are a global norm and one of the major tools for any effective risk management system.

Why Banks Need a Credit Report?

Bankers need a credit report to manage their risks judiciously and assure themselves of their due rewards. Facilitating international trade is a profitable business for the banks. Whenever a banker is approached for opening of an LC or negotiating of an export bill, the need for a credit check on the counter trade party becomes his/her basic requirement. Bankers do not ask for Credit Reports, just to carry out a formality. They ask for these reports to take prudent business decisions and therefore need a comprehensive, credible and current credit information / report.

What Type of Report Will Comfort the Banker?

A credit report coming from a reliable and experienced source containing updated information on the counter trade party and conforming to the international industry standards will provide the necessary comfort. 

When Does a Banker Need the Report ?

Perhaps immediately. Certainly not after exposing them to the risk. Therefore, time is of the essence.


Simply choose IFI CONSULTANTS, as they provide comprehensive. reliable and credible reports from world class sources on a timely basis. IFI sources are internationally reputed organizations which have been In the business for many decades.


You have therefore full assurance that your risk is mitigated appropriately and your share of profit Is protected.