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Visa Applicant Screening Reports — VASR​

Every country of the world has been adversely affected by the global events that have occurred in the last decade. Authorities issuing visa of any type are constrained to seek a lot of information before making a fair assessment about the applicant. Countries today feel threatened by incidents of terrorism, contagious diseases. money laundering & organized crimes in addition to several other risks associated with issuance of visas irrespective of the purpose thereof. Risks are much less when assessing visa application from a developed country owing to the strong integrated database systems in place. However, problem arises for countries where authentic information about the applicant is not available on automated systems and hence not transparent. The desired information might have been made available in the visa application form; however, verifying the reliability and authenticity of information remains a big issue. Visa Applicant Screening Report — VASR. therefore, can help embassies in making informed decisions consequently minimizing the associated risks.

Why VASR by a Third Party Service Provider ?

Screening of visa applicants is a specialized task requiring domestic and international sources and network that may not be cost effective for the visa issuing office of the embassy whereas the service provider’s main task is to obtain local and global verifications and for that reason the services are efficient and cost effective. It is therefore much more prudent and cost effective to use a team of independent professional verifiers who are exclusively dedicated to the task of carrying out due diligence, as opposed to internal resources who are also juggling with other responsibilities.

What are the Advantages of VASR ?

The embassy will benefit in several ways such as:

  1. Elimination of uncertainty in the visa issuance process by basing decisions on independent and reliable verification of information provided by the applicant.
  2. Checking against international Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing to Terrorists (CFT) listings.
  3. Promotion of open and honest communication on the part of visa applicant. 
  4. Discourage applicants to falsify credentials.
  5. Excellent value for a small investment.